Located in Central Florida, Ridaro Technology exists to provide secure cloud and computer security solutions to organizations in the private and public sectors. There are many companies providing specific cloud or security services, but they only sell an incomplete solution; Ridaro does not. Since we partnered with multiple vendors, we always provide the best solution for your business. Our hands-on Management Team, with over 30 years in the IT business and various industries, have implemented many solutions in the United States and several other countries for the private and government sectors..

Ridaro Technology Services

Managed IT Services, Cyber Security Assessment and Protection, Disaster Recovery, Private Cloud, Helpdesk Support, Mobile and Wi-Fi Management, Mac Support and Compliance Protection

IT Services, Network & Cloud Security

Let’s start by securing your files, your computer, your network and your internet access. We partner ONLY with Top Cyber Security Vendors to provide and support the best of class IT Security and Support Services. Secure access does not matter where you are, when traveling and remotely get into the cloud and your business network, or when employees bring their own devices, Ridaro has a secure solution.

Secure Cloud Files Access

Securely access your files and share them. Ridaro provides the customer with the tools to track who, when, how the files were accessed, changed, etc. Whether cloud-based file sharing is used as an alternative to backup solutions or by small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that want to give employees flexibility in their file accessibility, it’s clear the technology is gaining traction as a business tool. Dozens of vendors have cropped up with cloud-based document sharing or file sharing in the cloud products geared toward customers ranging from individuals to organizations with 10,000-plus employees.

Cloud Applications Service

There are many solutions to address your business needs, Ridaro can help you identify the right solution, from VOIP Cloud Systems, Project Management, Human Resources, Legal, Cloud Based Point of Sale (POS), CRM, Sales and others. Ridaro cloud applications services helps you move to the cloud seamlessly—whether you’re migrating an off-the-shelf package or developing a new application from scratch. Designed to drive flexibility and efficiency, our services include both migration and monitoring solutions running on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms from Cognizant and our partners.

An IT Managed Services, Network, Cloud Security, Files on the Cloud and Cloud Applications Services

Best Managed IT Services

Providing the best Managed IT Solutions at an affordable price.

Delivering Quality, More Efficiently


Ridaro Technology provides high quality, secure services with much greater efficiency, bringing employee downtime to a minimum. We deliver services that increase productivity and business value, protecting company data from breaches and freeing up staff to work on important projects

Grow Your Business and Don’t Worry about IT


Increase revenue through reliable IT support services. We Automate processes to make your equipment and team more efficient and happier, by exceeding expectations

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